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  • 7.1.2023 – MAQRO research-campaign white paper published

    Our white paper for a research campaign in the course of NASA’s decadal survey was published today in Quantum Science and Technology. We describe how targeted technology demonstrations and technology development over the next decade can lay the basis for the realization of the MAQRO proposal of a medium-sized fundamental-science space mission in the early […]

  • 4.2.2022

    Today, the BPS 2023 research-campaign white paper for NASA’s Decadal Survey appeared on the arXiv.

  • 22.12.2021 – Research Campaign Whitepaper submitted

    Today we submitted a MAQRO whitepaper for a research campaign to the BPS 2023 Decadal Survey of NASA. Here is the PDF. For this purpose, we involved colleagues from the US, Europe and Australia to discuss possible updates of MAQRO, the possibility to address additional science objectives, and possible technology demonstrations, proof-of-principle experiments and in-orbit […]

  • 21.01.2021 – Opening for a postdoctoral researcher

    There currently is an opening for a postdoctoral researcher for 12 months to perform research with Rainer Kaltenbaek at the IQOQI Vienna related on MAQRO. Here a PDF with details about the position opening.

  • 15.12.2020 – Opportunity for applying to a postdoc position

    This is very short notice, but R. Kaltenbaek is looking for a postdoc candidate to apply for a EUTOPIA fellowship to work with him and in collaboration with Animesh Datta (Warwick) on topics related to the MAQRO mission proposal. In particular, candidates are invited to apply for a prestigious 2-year EUTOPIA-SIF Post Doctoral Fellowship ( […]

  • 26.06.2018 – Open position for master student

    Thermal shielding of macroscopic quantum experiments in space Testing the relationship between quantum and classical physics and, in particular, quantum decoherence in space was identified by the European Space Agency (ESA) as an area of interest for future space missions in the course of ESA’s call for New Science Ideas. ESA is currently performing a […]

  • 13.04.2018, Meetings related to the CDF study

    Yesterday, the second of two meetings aimed to involve the scientific community and to prepare for the upcoming CDF study was successfully concluded. In particular, there was a meeting in Bratislava on March 20-22, which focused on the theoretical aspects of performing tests of quantum physics, and there was a follow-up meeting on April 10-11 […]

  • 15.01.2018, Preparing for a CDF study of MAQRO

    Following the meeting at Trento in June 2017, R. Kaltenbaek met at the end of June 2017 with ESA at ESTEC in the Netherlands to discuss the further proceeding. It was agreed that there would be an ESA study of MAQRO at the Concurrent Design Facility (CDF) of ESA within the first half of 2018. […]

  • 09.05.2017, New Science Ideas – MAQRO to be investigated more closely by ESA

    MAQRO, along with three other proposals, has been identified in line with the spirit of ESA’s call for New Science Ideas to be investigated more closely in collaboration with the community. In particular, there will be a meeting of the lead proposers of the four New Ideas identified and representatives of ESA in Trento, Italy, […]

  • 14.09.2016 – Proposal submitted to ESA’s New Science Ideas

    We submitted MAQRO as a proposal to ESA’s call for New Science Ideas. If we are successful, this will allow us to discuss MAQRO with ESA in order to better identify critical issues and a technology roadmap towards a potential future implementation of MAQRO. We decided to submit a proposal in this form rather than […]