The MAQRO Consortium was founded in 2013. The general goal of the consortium is to push forward the development of quantum technology to enable future tests of quantum physics in space as well as the use of quantum technology in space applications. More in particular, the consortium aims at eventually realizing the proposed space mission MAQRO, which will be a pathfinder for quantum technology in space as well as a platform for testing the foundations of physics.


Lead Proposer:
Rainer Kaltenbaek
Group Leaders:

Markus Arndt
Markus Aspelmeyer
Peter Barker
Angelo Bassi
James Bateman
Kai Bongs
Sougato Bose
Claus Braxmaier
Caslav Brukner
Pierre-François Cohadon
Kishan Dholakia
Lajos Diósi
Wolfgang Ertmer
Antoine Heidmann
Ulrich Johann (Airbus D&S)
Myungshik Kim
Claus Lämmerzahl
Guglielmo M Tino

Bruno Christophe (ONERA)
Manuel Rodrigues (ONERA)
Gerard J. Milburn
Holger Müller
Lukas Novotny
Mauro Paternostro
Achim Peters
Ernst M. Rasel
Albert Roura
Wolfgang P. Schleich
Jörg Schmiedmayer
Keith C. Schwab
Martin Tajmar
Hendrik Ulbricht
Vlatko Vedral
Gerald Hechenblaikner (ESO)
Catalina Curceanu
Participating scientists:
Michael Chwalla (Airbus D&S)
Garrett Cole
Klaus Döringshoff
C. Jess Riedel
Jan Gieseler
Norman Gürlebeck
Nikolai Kiesel
Philipp Köhler
Loïc Rondin
Thilo Shuldt
Igor Pikovski
Associated and supporting scientists:
Sabine Hossenfelder
Domenico Giulini
Sven Herrmann
Rupert Ursin