Past Projects:

MAQROsteps (FFG Project No. 840089)

Project funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency in the Austrian Space Applications Programme (ASAP) 2013to increase the technological readiness of key technologies for testing the foundations of physics with macroscopic quantum resonators (MAQRO).

NanoTrapS (ESA contract 4000105799/127NL/Cbi)

In this project (“Trapped nanoparticles for space experiments”), R. Kaltenbaek and a team of M. Arndt investigated novel mechanisms for sources of test particles for high-mass matter-wave interferometry in space.

MQES (ESA contract Po P5401000400)

In this project (“Macroscopic quantum resonators in space”), R. Kaltenbaek and a team of M. Aspelmeyer investigated the scientific and technical requirements of possible quantum experiments in a space environment using quantum optomechanics.